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Did you know that health begins at the cellular level? With 73 trillion cells, the cumulative effect of cellular deficiencies immensely impacts our wellbeing. While we think of aging and disease as two different processes, they are in fact synonymous with each other. In fact, they both start with the slow, insidious malnutrition of the cell. Malnourished cells have a micronutrient deficiency. 

The good news is that cellular dysfunction does not have to be a normal consequence of aging. With micronutrient testing and analysis, we can evaluate how well your cells utilize micronutrients, and whether micronutrient deficiencies are present. This information can help us slow the aging process, prevent disease, and promote a healthy and energetic life.

How Do Micronutrients Affect Health?

Nearly all biochemical reactions in the body occur inside the cells. Inside these cells, your body makes enzymes, proteins, neurotransmitters, hormones, and energy. Unfortunately, a cell that isn’t functioning properly compromises the metabolic processes needed to sustain life.   

Of course, these cells need adequate fuel in order to function optimally. We recognize this fuel as micronutrients, which are minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and various chemicals. Our bodies need these micronutrients to perform all the metabolic reactions necessary to survive and thrive. 

Vitamins, for instance, act as coenzymes to biochemical reactions. If a cell is vitamin deficient, it cannot do its job. The same applies to minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, and certain metabolites. Similarly, if a cell lacks antioxidants, the tools needed to repair a cell, oxidative stress can damage the cell. Knowing this, we’ve come to the following understandings:

Micronutrient deficiency = cellular dysfunction

The cumulative effect of cell dysfunction = disease, fatigue, and pain

The cumulative effect of optimal cell function = health, vigor, and energy

Benefits of Micronutrient Testing

When cells are functioning optimally, a person is healthy. When cells are dysfunctional, disease follows. Incredibly, the manifestations of nutrient deficiency are diverse, and people can experience subtle symptoms like weight gain or general fatigue, or they can have more acute symptoms like tumors or infections.

A glaring example of this is a magnesium deficiency. Since magnesium is a cofactor for over 300 metabolic reactions in the body, a magnesium deficiency can manifest itself in numerous ways, for example:

  • No clinical symptom: can cause asymptomatic loss of bone density
  • Subtle clinical symptom: can increase bone pain and cause fatigue
  • Acute clinical symptom: can result in bone fracture

When there is no obvious or acute issue, doctors refer to it as a subclinical micronutrient deficiency. However, left untreated, subclinical deficiencies often lead to critical deficiencies. Micronutrient testing allows us to determine nutrient deficiencies regardless of how they manifest clinically.

It is also important to understand that many accepted causes of disease, such as inflammation, gut health, and genetics, can be manifestations of micronutrient deficiency. For example:

  • Inflammation: Antioxidants curb inflammation. An antioxidant deficiency will cause the inflammatory process to run amok. 
  • Low immunity: Micronutrients regulate the complex immune network.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Our body requires micronutrients to produce adequate hormone levels.
  • Genetics: Micronutrients regulate genetic expression.

At Mygenics, we utilize micronutrient testing to understand your body at a cellular level. Armed with this information, we can tailor a targeted supplementation regimen to alleviate symptoms of micronutrient deficiencies, combat many causes of disease, restore energy and vitality, and promote health and longevity.

Is Micronutrient Testing Right for Me?

At Mygenics, we’re happy to diagnose and treat any problems you may be having. If you are suffering from symptoms associated with cellular dysfunction, or you are looking to improve/maintain your energy, health, and vitality, our micronutrient testing and analysis can help.

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